92 Sandra


I had several adverse effects including:

Immediately after the shot – confusion between reality and dream like state. I felt as though the stuff had gone straight to my brain.
I reported this to CARM but got no reply. This lasted around 2-3 days.

I had migraines regularly and often, around one every 3-6 weeks. These continued for around 18 months. In my early 30s I used to get a migraine about once every 2 years, sparked by a combination of dehydration and very bright light e.g., skiing or kayaking. In my forties and fifties, these had dwindled to perhaps once every 3 or 4 years. (Maybe coinciding with me not going full at it with my adventure sports and knowing to drink more water). When I asked the doctor at my surgery if these were related, he looked it up there and then, on his computer and said there was no mention of migraines being a side effect. I would like to say that I sincerely believe this doctor was not trying to fob me off.

In September 2020, I was diagnosed with an irregular heartbeat. After the jabs I had a heart ache, especially when I bent over e.g. raking leaves. This lasted about a year. I also reported this to CARM later and got no reply.

As a teacher, I was mandated and therefore required to have the booster. I was nervous about my heart as I was hearing local cases of pericarditis. Plus, I was reading the monthly UK NHS figures showing the actual effectiveness or ineffectiveness of the jab in each age bracket.

During this stressful time, I was off from work, stressed to the max running around trying to find a solution or lose my job. I asked the same doctor if the booster was effective against this next variant. He said he did not know. I really appreciated his honesty.

I subsequently asked my own doctor for a waiver, which she denied. A year later, I went to see her about a separate matter. She asked me what I did job wise. I told her I had lost my job as my request for a waiver was turned down. I used the passive rather than saying, “you turned it down”. I carried on, saying I had experienced several adverse effects. She said nothing. I continued, saying I had reported the problems to CARM but had received no response. She literally said nothing, then quickly honed in, remarking on the look of my throat, and how I should get blood tests (absolutely nothing to do with the vaccine). Obviously, this was going to be the last time we would meet as doctor and patient.