93 Sarah

Sarah (36yrs)

Dose 1: Pfizer-BioNTech 1st September 2021

I had my first and only Pfizer covid vaccine on September 1st, 2021. Prior to this vaccine I was fit, healthy and owned my own Beauty Salon where I worked full time. The only health issue I had was my gallbladder not functioning properly and causing pain with fatty foods, but I was able to manage this with diet. I took this vaccine as it was mandated and like many others it was my only option to keep working/living a normal life – so I thought.

A few hours after receiving the vaccine I started to feel lethargic and un-well so went to bed. The following morning, I woke up feeling worse with nausea and a bad cough. I felt like I was going to collapse every time I tried to stand up, and each day got worse. My legs felt like concrete, and it was difficult to move them in the mornings. I had electric shock type pains going through my chest and a racing heart. After about a week I decided enough was enough, so I booked an appointment with the doctor who told me I had a virus and that my symptoms had nothing to do with the vaccine.

During the first 4 weeks post the vaccine I had 26 doctors’ consults pleading them to help me as I knew what I was experiencing was not normal. I had heart palpitations and chest pains when I tried to stand up and my heart was constantly racing even at rest. I was basically treated like basket case by the doctors and told I had anxiety. I had countless blood tests; my liver results came back abnormal, and I was told to go to the hospital as I had a high D dimer result which could indicate a blot clot. When I arrived at the hospital, I was treated by a man who told me they didn’t like to do chest x-rays on young females and told me I had a virus not a blood clot and to go home and get my second covid vaccine as it would “save my life”.

I had 3 more visit to ED with the same symptoms and the last time I was finally taken seriously, as I had full body tremors and my heart rate was at 170bpm upon standing. I was so weak from not being able to stomach any food and had lost 7kgs in 4 weeks. I was asked by multiple doctors if I took drugs, and a nurse came in and asked me if I just had anxiety. I was given beta blockers to slow my heart rate down which I now rely on every day.

I was in hospital for 2 weeks and was so weak I could not walk, I had to be wheeled to the toilet. Even talking would make my heart rate rise rapidly and I could barely sit up. After having 2 chest x rays, a CT scan, and an echocardiogram I was told I had POTS (postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome) caused by the covid vaccine. But there were a lot of other symptoms that doctors could not explain to me such as feeling like my brain was inflamed, nausea, electric shock type pains going through my chest, body tremors, stomach pain and pain in my left breast.

After being wheeled to and from the toilet for two weeks in the hospital I was told by the physio I would not be eligible for wheelchair hire, so my partner had to go out and buy one so I could come home. I spent about 8 months in the wheelchair. I was not able to wash myself or do anything for myself. I needed full time care – my parents looked after me during the day and my partner looked after me during the night. It took months for me to be able to stand for longer than 30 seconds at a time.

I have a 12-year-old daughter, 2 stepchildren and 2 dogs. I have been robbed of time with my family and even my dogs have suffered as I have been unable to walk them. I missed out on the last year of my daughter being at primary school and her first day at intermediate as I was not able to drive. I could not even laugh with my family as it hurt my chest too much and made my heart race. I have been a shell of what I use to be.

In January 2022 I was forced to sell my beauty salon as I could no longer work or afford to keep it running while not working. My partner fought ACC as I was declined at the start but eventually was granted cover. However ever since I have been on ACC they have done everything in their power to try and get me off their system. It has reached a point now where I have had to get a lawyer involved which I have to pay legal aid for.

ACC had referred me to numerous cardiologists and every time I have requested a cardiac MRI as I could feel there was something wrong with my heart. I was constantly told that there was nothing they thought an MRI of that sort could show us.

A few months ago, we decided that it was best we go private and pay for a cardiac MRI ourselves just for my own piece of mind. The results came back with scarring on my heart caused by myocarditis. I was told by the cardiac radiologist this could be caused by a pervious myocarditis episode or caused by an abnormal reaction to the covid vaccine. Post receiving the results of this MRI I was referred again to another cardiologist to consult over treatment. When I asked him if he believed after reading all my notes and the results of the MRI if the covid vaccine was the cause of the myocarditis and subsequent scaring of the heart. His response was that he wasn’t willing to say and that he can only help with the treatment. This is how I have been dealt with by so many of the health professionals along the way. No one wanting to put their name to highlighting what they know to be the cause. They even go as far as to say that “the timing could be coincidental “.

Considering the timing, chest pains and tachycardia I know this was caused by the covid vaccine as I have never experienced any problems with my heart prior to the covid vaccine.

I am still unable to work and still having to fight ACC to cover an injury that was caused by the government mandates. ACC’s stance is that they can only cover an injury shown by physical damage and that what I suffer from are symptoms.

My family and I have spent thousands on medical bills, tests, and alternative treatments trying to get me back to normal. Every day is a challenge for me now that I have POTS. My livelihood has been taken away from me and I am traumatised by what has happened and the way I was treated by medical professionals.
This vaccine has ruined my life. The government, Pfizer and all the medical professionals who have dismissed these injuries need to be held accountable.