94 Tayla

Tayla (16yrs) – made on behalf by mother Sheree

Dose 1: Pfizer-BioNTech December 2021
Dose 2: Pfizer-BioNTech six weeks later

Coerced into having the vaccine as was about to be dismissed from her swimming club for not being vaccinated. Tayla is a competitive swimmer. Her club is an outdoor pool swim club.

Had the first dose December 2021, then waited 6 weeks to have second dose. Immediately started having minor gut issues after first but was very sick after second, high fever and serious gut issues. Is now dairy free and gluten free. Then had breathing issues while training – was given an inhaler by Doctor (no family history of asthma but then a few months later with a spirometer test found didn’t need inhaler). Then found a rare parasite (cryptosporidium).

Medication given by doctor did not clear so I gave her ivermectin which cleared parasite immediately. Also experienced heart issues and even had to be pulled from the pool while training (heart racing). Saw a cardiologist July 2022 who said believed heart looked ok but in order to determine if myocarditis would need an MRI scan but advised even if small inflammation nothing they can do – did not have the MRI. Cardiologist admitted “we simply did not know enough about the MRNA Pfizer vaccine”.

Continually at Doctors with colds, sore stomach, low immunity despite lots of natural remedies/supplements. Finally caught Covid in December 2022 and I gave her ivermectin and has not been sick since. A year of hell since our kids had to be jabbed to participate in outdoor sports. Criminal!