95 Gemma


I am female 38yr mandated health care worker.

I had to take the covid jab after I was stood down by the DHB, and as main earner in family so had no choice. Main concern was family history of clots and possible reaction in family member in UK…and concerned about potential issues with being vaccinated if I didn’t know if I was unaware I was in early stages of covid. Also my argument was I was wanting to know why they claimed it was to keep patients safe when there was nothing to say it reduced transmission. Nobody could answer any questions. Occupational health also didn’t return any of my calls or emails prior to the mandate deadline.

So few mins after first vaccine I had tingles and pins and needles in my lips and tongue and fingers on right hand side…i was kept under observation an extra 10min. A few hours later I had swollen lips and eyelids. I took antihistamine and didn’t present at ED as I was worried about judgment from my colleagues…as in the days prior to me getting the jab they were breaching my confidentiality and telling patients I was refusing vaccine and was subsequently stood down.

Next day woke up and felt tired and muscle aches, numbness in lips and tongue and weird sensation in right foot. Day 2 following vaccine felt like I had rigors but no temp…I was actually twitching particularly on my right side. Felt flu like but covid neg. Colleague was concerned about how awful I looked when I dropped something urgent at work, and tried to persuade me to go to ED.

That night chest pain and pressure, pain in arm and jaw, shortness of breath and cyanosis (a blue tinge to the skin) I was terrified but didn’t want to present at ED for fear of being told it was in my head because I didn’t want to be vaccinated.

Next few weeks the numbness continued on left side of lips and tongue and right sided unilateral hand tremor, shortness of breath on minimal exertion and tachycardia. Lumps in my neck and axilla.

Talked to line Manger about an exception for 2nd but nothing. Occupational Health didn’t want to know and the only solution the vaccination team at the hospital had was to preload me with prednisone and antihistamine 1hr prior to 2nd dose….again didn’t want it ..I was terrified but no choice or I would lose my home and struggle to pay bills. I was reassured I wouldn’t react. Within a few minutes I had swollen eyelids and lips. They kept me there a few hours for good measure and was told I would need an overnight stay for booster ( if this had been anything else I would be allowed anymore doses! Not even an alert on medical record)

As months went by I had learned to live with the hand tremor, but started to feel faint and increasingly short of breath just getting showered and dressed. I presented at ED hypertensive tachycardic at 166bpm and bloods revealed raised D-dimer, so I was given a CT to look for Pulumary Embolism. All investigations normal, and the discharge advice was to “get the covid boosters ASAP as all the issues I had were due to disregulated breathing from mask wearing” ( I couldn’t wear masks I was that breathless).

I felt like they didn’t care. No referral to Cardiology or any other team for hand tremor…completed gaslighted. Even original GP documented that “patient believes she has had a decline in health since her first vaccine”…it wasn’t believe it was physically obvious.

Forward to present day, tremor almost resolved, but shortness of breath and tachy with minimal to no exertion has improved slightly but persists.

I am not who I was in terms of energy. Also new issue of chemosis in eyes .

New GP very open minded and has discussed starting me on a betablocker. I do have some images of lumps and swelling after the 2nd vaccine and video of the hands, but they don’t really reflect how bad things got.

Sorry it was a long one. Amazing you are doing this.