97 (B) Death


I have a story but not sure it will help or damage your cause.

8/11/21 our son was found deceased In his bed .
First thoughts were self harm but that has been ruled out.
Unfortunately our boy wasn’t discovered for 3 days .

The pathologist report has come back clear. Toxicology clear . They could find absolutely no cause of death.
They sent tissue sample to invitee in the states looking genetic links
Our entire family had heart monitoring ecg and stress tests and echocardiography done. All clear.
The pathologist has said his death is a Syds /sads.

My son died 3.5 weeks post 1 x mrna vaccine.

When i had my second dose I suffered heart palpitations that went on for weeks.

I dont know if Garrett had the same symptoms. But guessing he probably died of arrythmia. In my heart I’m convinced that the vaccine caused this.

Lynda has had a friendly pathologist look over the report. He stated that it’s a tough one. But couldn’t rule it out or in. Requires further investigation.

Ive challenged the pathologist and the coroner with no reply.

I put in an acc claim. They have declined it due to the pathologist report.

With the cardiac team and the pathologist both saying not vaccine death.

I don’t have a leg to stand on.

Im finding it very hard to accept that a perfectly 30 yrs old healthy individual with no family history no drugs in his system heart just stops in his sleep

Brian U