98 Malcom death

Malcolm was my husband and the father of my 2 young kids.

Malcolm took the Pfizer vaccine in September 2021 to be able to stay in his workplace and provide for his family. He also thought It was safe and effective as advertised.

Malcolm was a heathy and fit man aged 50. He was a glacier guide, a mountain explorer and occasionally hunter. 3 months after the vaccine Malcolm felt unwell, was diagnosed with Atrial Flutter and was put on Betablockers.

3 days after this diagnose, Malcolm died suddenly and unexpectedly from a stroke. No autopsy was done at the hospital, no coroner’s inquiry either from this sudden death. I question Why?

When I have questioned the hospital about the possible link to the vaccine, the doctors told me there was no evidence. Of course, there was so evidence from a new vaccine with no long term studies. My husband is sadly the evidence.

Marianna R