True Story by Kaye Roach

Kaye, New Zealand

Pfizer x 1

Undiagnosed chest pain and breathlessness. I trusted the vaccine to be safe and effective and was mandated to keep my job as a mental health support worker. Pre-jab I used to walk 1.5 hours every second day. Now I get breathless making the bed! I have not been able to file an ACC claim as I have no formal diagnosis. 

My name is Kaye Roach, and this is my true story.

I am unfortunately writing to you in regards to an adverse reaction that I have had to the first V that I received back in October 2021.
My previous employer told me that to keep my job as a caregiver I would need to be V… my first reaction to this was despair, I shared my childhood event of the measles V which almost took my life, the priest was called and my last rights where read, thank goodness I survived, how I did, nobody knew.
Then in my late 20s early thirties my husband and I decided we wanted to start a family together, the most precious event of anyone’s life, only to discover that miscarriage after miscarriage I was unable to carry my babies past the first trimester due to severe shrinkage of my uterus.
The drug Thalidomide regularly prescribed for morning sickness had taken its effect on me, my mother had been recommended to take this as it would relieve her morning sickness and allow her to continue her daily schedule.
This totally devestated my life and has had far reaching effects in so many ways.  I shared these catastrophic events with my manager whom had no interest in my pain or in my fear of this mandate and the possible effects that it could have on me. My manager said that I should talk to my GP who told me that it is perfectly safe, “it is not a live drug so it can’t have any ill effects on you” So with this blatant endorsement and no regard of my previous history I then had to go through the grief of making a decision based on previous experience with vaccinations… the decision of again risking my life, losing my job, losing my connection to society, my income, my sense of purpose.
After constant reassurance from my GP I decided to take the recommended potential risks,  against all instinct, this was not something I would have done in any unmandated circumstance.
I now live with continuous joint pain in my lower back, my knees, my elbows, at night my legs ache causing irregular sleeping patterns, I have regular headaches, I am continuously tired and regularly fall asleep for long periods of time outside my regular sleeping pattern, I suffer from regular nausea episodes, I have diffuculty walking on my feet that seem not to want want to move through pain and stiffness.  Some days different parts of my arms or legs suffer from a deep aching pain, I often feel vague, like a numbness to my brain, and on and on these events now go.
My daily routine of pain killers and anti-inflammatory pills are now my new normal, I try to walk regularly knowing that most of the rest of my day will need to be spent resting. Some days I am able to vacuum and clean my toilet as well, such a joyous event I hold onto.
My life again is decimated all in order of a mandate that was never meant for me!!!
I am unemployed, in constant pain and disconnected from society, I know I am not alone but this does not give me a life of freedom, a life that I can control, the right to take care of myself.
Thank you for hearing my true story
Kaye Roach