A Vaccine Injured New Zealander Reflects on her Journey

Sara Nolan

Someone recently told me I should call my illness something different, because when people ask you what is wrong and hear the word vaccine injured it’s like they instantly switch off.

I explained to them how hard it was when every doctors visit and a&e visit I’m asked the same question!!! So what is going on and when did it start? I was lucky enough that I did have some amazing doctors that did believe that I had reacted badly to the vaccine but I also had doctors treat me like I was mental and at times I started to believe them. After months of going through pain and thinking I was poisoned the conclusion was the only thing different in my life was that I had 2 vaccines 3 weeks apart, obviously I did what most of us thought was the right thing to do, and if I didn’t I would not be able to work, I was also scared of what might happen if I didn’t have the vaccine as there was a lot of fear coming from what the government and the media were saying.

For me the thing that I wish I had listened too was the other side of the story, the science around the other side of what reactions the vaccine may have on our system!!! I wish so badly I had listened but I just did what I thought was the right thing, I know now it was not for me.

Covid for most of us feels likes it’s all over but for me I still constantly battle daily with the side effects I have from the vaccine, constant pain throughout my body don’t get me wrong some days are worse than others but I live in fear of how each day will be, will I be able to get out of bed and function tomorrow? I live in fear of the electric shock attacks I get through my body, fear of the hideous crippling pain I get through my legs, fear my legs will stop working at any time, fear of the hideous stomach pain, fear of the chronic fatigue that I mentally struggle with, fear of having to live like this for the rest of my life.

My nervous system is in complete chaos that causes me to be in a lot of pain, I get stabbing pains in my eyes shooting pains in my ears I shake and feel like my body is burning from the inside, the new medication that I am on luckily has helped with this but I can still get this happen out of nowhere, the thing that gets me through now is knowing there is a better day ahead, thank god for the good days.
I really wish there was a way to reverse what this has done to my body.
I would do anything to feel better and have my normal life back!!!