Are you a COVID vaccine injured New Zealander?

Would you like to share your story in our video?

For the past 18 months, The Health Forum NZ has been documenting adverse events reported by everyday New Zealanders and supporting the vaccine injured community.

Now, with the help of a professional graphic artist, we are creating a short video montage to help New Zealanders learn about the type of serious ongoing life changing vaccine injuries that many are now living with in our country.

If you have decided it is time to share your truth, please find the courage to be one of the stories in our video.

This will involve you filming a video selfie approximately 20 seconds long on your cell phone, and uploading it to our website, together with a high quality photo of yourself. See below for full instructions.

Not ready to share your “selfie” yet?

If you’d like to tell us about how the Covid 19 regulations have affected you – suffered an adverse event, mandated out from work, or declined an exemption – but don’t feel able to create a Selfie Video at this time, please click the link below to our confidential form where you can share details of your own story:

Share Your Experience


Video ‘Selfie’ Instructions

1) Watch this two minute long video to learn how to record a great quality selfie video.

2) Film yourself in landscape, with good lighting and clear audio.

3) Include each of these key points in your video (examples given in brackets):

  • Name and Age (Sarah, aged 45)
  • Location in NZ (Whangarei)
  • Brand and dose of vaccine (Pfizer, 2nd shot)
  • Date (June 2022)
  • Adverse event (myocarditis, high blood pressure)
  • Are you still injured? (still unable to run in the park with my young children due to ongoing chest pain)
  • Were you declined by ACC? (ACC declined my claim for loss of income)
  • Were you mandated out? (Mandated out of my nursing career)

4) When recorded, go to our “Share Your Experience” online form.

5) Complete your personal details then select “Suffered an adverse event following vaccination”, confirm the injury occurred in NZ and it was yourself who was affected.

6) If you are able (and haven’t already shared with us), please enter the details of your adverse event, otherwise scroll down to the section “Let us be your voice”.

7) Agree to your story being shared publicly. This will then show the section “Tell your story in a “Selfie” video”.

8) Upload your video there.

If you have any difficulties, please email our team of volunteers at

“Thank you for your courage”


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How the Covid-19 regulations have affected your life? Record your story in our confidential database.

• Adverse Events

• Mandated-Out

• Declined Exemptions & ACC claims, etc.

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