The Health Forum NZ is recording the impact of Covid-19 regulations on the lives of New Zealanders. In our confidential “Citizens’ Database” we have many reports of adverse events following vaccination, individuals declined medical exemptions and many who were mandated out from their careers.

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This database forms a detailed record of harms to New Zealanders associated with the Covid-19 vaccination campaign.

While your identity remains at all times confidential (unless you wish to have your name published), the data we collate allows us to further understand the nature of impact and injuries associated with this novel gene therapy injection.

Analysis of these reports will also allows us to perform statistical analysis of the data, and inform New Zealanders of our findings.

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How the Covid-19 regulations have affected your life? Record your story in our confidential database.

• Adverse Events

• Mandated-Out

• Declined Exemptions & ACC claims, etc.

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