How do I share my story?

The easiest way to share your story is to complete our online Adverse Event Recording form, which will give us all the details needed to tell your story, and confirmation of your consent to do so. Your story may be shared on the True Stories page of this website, or on our True Stories from the Health Forum NZ Facebook page.

My story is complicated, can you help me record it?

Of course! Our volunteers can give you guidance on how to complete our online Adverse Event Recording form or we can help you complete it over the phone. Please email

How do I report my adverse event to Medsafe / CARM?

The Health Forum NZ encourage you to report any suspected adverse event following Covid-19 vaccination to MedSafe using the online CARM form. You don’t have to be certain that the vaccine caused the event.

On submitting the form you will be shown a screen with a reference number on it. This is your AEFI (Adverse Events Following Immunisation) number. Please make a note of this number or screenshot as no email confirmation is sent.

CARM may contact you and/or your healthcare provider(s) if they need more information.

If you need help completing the CARM form, one of our volunteers may be able to assist you. Please email with your request.

How do I submit a claim to ACC?

If you have sustained an injury, ACC can help you with access to treatment, financial costs (including income compensation), counselling, equipment, etc. Find more information on their website

ACC can cover injuries due to medical treatment if the treatment directly caused the injury and it is not a normal side effect of the treatment. Additionally, ACC can cover a resulting mental injury, even if the physical injury is not covered.

You have to lodge your claim for ACC cover within 12 months after the date of your accident or injury.

If you have had your ACC claim declined, and wish to challenge that decision, we can put your in touch with ACC Advocates who may be able to help you. Please email with your request.