New Zealand woman TW shares her experience of living through the Covid Era in New Zealand

The roller coaster still rocks and rolls, from great heights to lows. At first I will admit I thought what was the harm of two weeks lock down, if it for everyone. I have a beautiful friend who told me loads, I took it on board but not deeply at the time. I didn’t want the jab as I was breastfeeding didn’t want to take something experimental. My husband knew, like he could see and hear the bull. I sat on the fence, at one point I was ready to rush in if it would just make life easier, but my gut said no.

My Aunty who is like family said no and gave me this website.

I join groups and posted many articles on Facebook. I read many articles, people experiences on the fb groups when the injuries were just coming to light. I spoke with a few and my heart would break when their own family told them it was in their heads and they should get a second. Then they took their pages down. The ups and downs, my husband would get angry at times and at the beginning didn’t believe and still not fully about the wef who, he doesn’t believe our Government will try to take the land, he feels New Zealanders won’t allow things like that to happen. But one thing I’m grateful for is he stands by me thick or thin.

Family vaccinated have become distant, like an uncomfortable silence especially when I shared posts on Facebook. I logged off when I saw what a loved one wrote about the protests. I stressed about school and the thought of forced vaccination, being masked kept me in constant fear for my children, our real treasures, that too has past now. The frustration of not being able to help stop my love ones, did eat at me, but we are all have our own soul journey ♥️

There’s been lost of faith in pillars like school,doctors nurses,msm,and police. I never trusted politicians. The fact that good people can do bad things when they think they’re right and your wrong. Finally freedom,we don’t have to agree how we live our lives.The voices of people willing to stand up in the darkest times and shine light inspires me daily. Though I know it could be a rough road ahead I hope with all my heart the rotten ####### will show their true colors and be exposed.

Today I feel a kind of calmness, may it last.

Thanks to the posts of the kind people here I’m truly grateful 🙏

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