Join Our Online Community

The Health Forum NZ has set up an online community with Group Chat Rooms to support New Zealanders bereaved or injured following a Covid-19 dose, to share their ongoing challenges and successes, and provide comfort and understanding to others experiencing similar problems.

This program has been established to encourage connecting and sharing among those bereaved, injured and their caregivers (over the age of 18). The rooms promote support, encouragement and friendship among the participants. We currently have two Group Chat Rooms available – One for bereaved and another for injured individuals and caregivers. Further, more specific, groups may be set up if a need arises.

The Group Chat Rooms are moderated by a volunteer. Below the chat window you will see the Moderator name and a link to your Messages Page where you can contact them (just type their name into the “Send to” box and they should show in the list), in case you need to contact them individually to raise any concerns.

The purpose of our Group Chat Rooms is to provide mutual comfort, hope, and support through conversation. We are not professional grief counselors.

To participate in the Group Chat Rooms please read the Group Chat Rules. If you are in agreement, please email with the following:

  • Your name
  • The Username you’d like to have
  • Why you would like to join the chat room
  • If you already a member of one of our social media groups please give your usernames

Enter “Vaccine Injured” Group Chat Room

Enter “Bereavement” Group Chat Room

*Please bookmark these links in your browser for easy access