True Story by Amanda


A Taranaki lady in her mid-50’s took two for the team, and now has a page-long list of side-effects, not limited to extreme head and eye pain, disturbed balance and difficulty walking. Help has been slow, if not absent and expensive. Is this team all take and no give?

My name is AMANDA, and this is my true story

Dose 1: Pfizer May 2021 Amanda* had her first dose of the Comirnaty injection in May 2021. Immediately afterward she felt pins and needles in her head and body and a slightly swollen tongue, but she did not require any intervention. Two weeks later she lost her vision for a few seconds – her eyesight went grey, she had pain in her eyeballs, esp. the left eyeball and sensitivity to light, as well as extreme pain in her head. It was suspected she may have temporal arteritis (inflammation of the blood vessels near the temple) so she was put on steroids and referred to a Neurologist for the ongoing head pain by her GP.

Two months after the injection, she went to Specsavers due to the pain in her eyes and head and was told that one eye appeared different to the other, but all appeared to be normal.

Dose 2: Pfizer December 2021 Amanda* had her second dose in December 2021 and again immediately felt pins and needles in her body and head, as well as the headaches. The head pain persisted and became so bad that it required ongoing Paracetamol and Nurofen to control it, to simply function and carry out day-to-day activities. The day after her second dose, she experienced severe pain in her lower abdomen on both sides that last for one or two seconds and subsided. She did not receive any intervention.

Two weeks following her second dose, she developed and was diagnosed with Pulsatile Tinnitus by her GP. This is a rhythmical noise in the ears and / or head that is usually at the same rate as your heartbeat. It started in the left ear and then moved across to the right. This also put her balance out and made it difficult to walk. Furthermore, she was unable to sleep on her left side and had become very sensitive to sound.

She returned to the GP due to neck pain and pain while chewing. She had an MRI which showed possible anatomical anomaly creating inner ear nerve pressure, but no tumour was found. She was yet again referred to a Neurologist and elected to pay $500 to be seen after a nine-week wait.

Today she still has the ongoing pins and needles up and down her spine, head pressure and worst of all the eye pain, for which she is still taking high-dose steroids. She feels it’s important for others to know of her experiences, how her symptoms are unresolved, that help has been slow and difficult to come by and it took a number of visits before her GP took her experiences seriously.


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