True Story by Angela Bowerman

Ange, 35, Tauranga

Pfizer x 1

Diagnosed with Vaccine Induced Long Covid and Costochondritis. I was a healthcare assistant, and enjoyed life as a fit yoga teacher and a mother of two young children. I have been bed ridden for more than 6 months, have now been to the emergency department more than 25 times and am learning to walk again. My condition presents exactly the same symptoms as Long Covid. My diagnosis is from one of the top immunologists in New Zealand.

My name is Angela Bowerman, and this is my true story.

I have been living in New Zealand most of my life, I have reasonably superb physical health, besides PTSD from sexual abuse as a child, which is well managed with medication I have been receiving support from a psychologist for the last 5 years. I have never had any adverse reactions to vaccinations in the past. In the last 5 years I was a qualified Yin Yoga teacher, and events organizer. I have two children, a wonderful stable relationship, and my mother lives with us.

August 2021 I decided that I wanted to work in healthcare to help with the Covid response at Tauranga hospital acute mental health care unit, so I enrolled in a Health Well-being Course LEVEL 4. In November Health care workers were being mandated, so I decided it was time to get my 1st Pfizer jab on 19 October 2021. I wasn’t hesitant about getting it, as I entrusted the safety of these ‘vaccines’ based on the Ministry of Health website and Ashley Bloomfield, where the common side effects stated were headache, fever, aches pains, and a rare one in a million chance of myocarditis.

I went to a pop up chemist in Bethlehem, Tauranga, half an hour after receiving this jab, I started to get a sharp stabbing pain around my heart, which was not subsiding with deep breathing, I went to the ED, was told by a nurse that I was the 10th person in that day with similar pain after the pfizer jab. The first ED doctor I saw was Dr K Duffy at Tauranga hospital,  who advised me she didn’t know what these jabs were going to do to me or others, but encouraged me to get a second one on her discharge notes.

On the 21st of October I visited a second A&E emergency doctors, my chest pain had become worse, and I was diagnosed with Costochondritis. I was given a d dimer which was elevated and received a call that I may have a clot in my lungs. I have had 25 ED visits, many of the ED doctors who saw me looked at my notes and based all my symptoms on MENTAL health, despite me having a high d dimer. After that, the chest tightness became worse, I had a constant metallic taste in my mouth, a numb face and tongue, hair falling out, and extreme fatigue.

The day I received a CT scan I was on the floor holding my chest begging the doctor and saying to a healthcare student I’m not making this up. Prior to this vaccination I was not making constant ED visits so it’s evident these visits were from the vaccine reaction. After being gaslit by medical professionals I decided to pay privately for an immunologist, in fact the top immunologist specialist expert in this country for another opinion. He diagnosed me with “long covid syndrome” from the vaccine and advised me not to get a second.

I was bed ridden for 6 months until recently catching covid. I voluntarily admitted myself into a psychiatric ward for a week after 25 visits to ED because I kept getting told it was my mental health causing these symptoms. I believe I have PTSD now from this entire experience. A GP applied to ACC for treatment injury claim for long covid and costochondritis. It was declined by a GP who overlooked my application based on my PTSD from sexual abuse, and my immunologist’s report was also tweaked from ACC’s side when I requested an OIA report, which is illegal. The person who overlooked my application, also failed to mention that I was diagnosed twice with Costochondritis . I found out I wasn’t the only person in the country that has been vaccinated, being told it was anxiety or PTSD, even those who didn’t have a history of mental health. I’ve also spoken to a politician who openly admitted they didn’t know what these ‘vaccines’ were going to do.

I strongly believe these jabs have done more harm than good, and for this government to force people to choose between an experimental drug and food on their table is inhumane. I am now learning how to walk again, and I still have ringing in my ears, a tight chest, and many side effects from this jab. I am planning to go to the US for lab testing as NZ doesn’t have many of the tests required for some of the side effects from this vaccine. There are over 1200 adverse reactions from this vaccine that Pfizer has now disclosed. I’m in the process of organizing a conference hopefully supported by the National Party to bring awareness around the damage caused by the vaccinations and the lack of support the injured have sustained in New Zealand. I have invited representatives from Medsafe, and other organisations including representatives of govt organisations overseas to attend this conference.

I feel GPs in New Zealand were not given all the information/data on these jabs hence why they kept referring back to mental health on my visits to ED. There is also NO public health funding for specialists affected by the jabs, or by Covid, as there is no data on any of it. I/WE played our part in the team of 5 million and in return there is no help except from these doctors who have been mandated because of questioning the safety of these jabs!


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