True Story by Anna

Anna, New Zealand

Mandated out of Job

I lost my job as a violin teacher, and was also discriminated against due to vaccine passes. I was told I could not talk about the vaccine to other staff members, and was not given the opportunity to say good bye to the students. This is discrimination. 

My name is Anna, and this is my true story.

Hi, I lost my job teaching violin at *** Intermediate School, I cannot teach my students violin at home because I did not take the mRNA vaccine. I cannot go to shops that require the vaccine pass. I have been stopped from entering shops because I do not wear a mask.

I have been unable to sleep properly. I have taught violin for many years and this is the first time I have not been able to work due to the mandates.
I was told not to talk about it in the staffroom,
I was told I could not converse with other staff as I had strong views, I have not been given a meeting with the school health and safety committee as I requested. I was terminated and no more communication has been given to me from the school.
No one said thank you for many years of service, no one gave me flowers there was no goodbye except from parents of my students.
This is discrimination and a walking over of my rights to work to earn a living and to be part of a community here.

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