True Story by Hadi

HADI, Pf*z#r x 2, Myocarditis

My name is Hadi, and this is my true story

8/Oct/2021 – 1st dose P**z*r8/Nov/2021 – 2nd doseInitial symptoms, next day – general weakness, shortness of breath, heart palpitations, pain in lower neck.21/11 – called Healthline due to periodic worsening of symptoms. They advised me to see a doctor within 6 hours.29/11 – finally met with Dr P. re worsening symptoms in chest, difficulty breathing.Dr P. prescribed antibiotics for chest infection.They said she didn’t know anything about potential side-effects from the V because it was “not their area of expertise”. When I pointed out that with the covid emergency and near-mandated V every health professional should know at least something about it, they demurred. They did say that there is no cure, however, which contradicts the claim that they knew nothing.Dr P. was due to call me on 1/12 with information after checking with informed colleagues but failed to do so.2/12 = Dr P. texted that I needed to go to hospital as I need a detailed assessment.Attended Whanganui Hospital where they found elevated levels of tropanines – potential heart attack victim.Thereafter I spent a week in hospital, between Whanganui Hospital and by air ambulance to Wellington heart hospital.Finally I was diagnosed with myocarditis, “probably from the covid V”They said I had no existing heart complaint, my heart was all fine apart from the myocarditis.21/12 – Spoke to Dr M from Te Waipuna re ACC referral3/2 – Granted ACC cover3/3 – Granted medical exemption from needing to get booster, as recommended by heart specialist.Nga mihi

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