True Story by Jayne


My name is Jayne, and this is my true story

 This is our story on how vaccination and mandates have affected our family…

Our son is 25 yrs, he has had 2 historical vaccine injuries. The first was at 5 yrs of age post the combination of MMR and DTAP, of course it was denied that hospitalization, a sudden loss of speech, loss of previously acquired skills, chronic head/body pain, light/sound sensitivity, chronic nausea and absent seizures was just a coincidence.

The second injury was in our son’s teens. We had avoided all vaccines for 9 yrs, but buckled to media, community, school nurse pressure, and agreed to a Meningococcal vaccine, within days, history did repeat itself and again we witnessed physical and mental regression. At 13 our once active son became bedridden, our teenager couldn’t walk, talk, had severe muscle tremors, chronic loss of appetite and weight, a complex myriad of chronic symptoms.

Due to raising the V word, doors were closed wherever we turned for help and support. Over a 3yr period we begged Paediatricians, immunologists, DRS, MPS, Health Ministers, Govt Dept’s, Min of Health, DHB CEO, Prime Ministers, who all did nothing to help us access and receive any type of medical care. At 17 we needed a lawyer to take on a DHB so funding would be released for a 3 day Starship assessment. Our son on admission was in such a horrific state of medical neglect and denial, catatonic, emaciated and on death’s door that the 3 day admission became several months of acute care and many years of rehabilitation. The symptoms that had been labelled for 3 years as all in our heads, became a long list of chronic medical conditions, such ME/CFS, CRPS (Complex Regional Pain Syndrome), chronic heart issues diagnosed as POTS (Postural Tachycardia Syndrome), autonomic dysregulation, chronic 24/7 migraine, neutropenia, a acquired brain injury and the list goes on and on.

Our son has lost years of schooling, his peer group, has had limited socialisation and participation in the community for well over a decade.

After 12 years of blood, sweat and tears we finally arrived at a point at the age of 24 yrs that our son under support of a charitable trust could come off a modest Disability Benefit and have his first experience as a young man earning a part time income and some sense of independence.

Our son in 2021 had been working under the wing of a school caretaker learning general maintenance, gardening and groundsman skills, within a short few weeks he was mandated. Obviously receiving another vaccine was never going to be an option, so we began the process of exemptions. Two Drs NZDSOS and a General Practitioner both willingly provided exemptions as per the Govt exemption legislation.

In the same week the Govt overnight altered the exemption criteria so that only one person, Ashley Bloomfield was able to provide such exemptions. The two existing exemptions became void and the only option given to satisfy Ashley Bloomfield, was that our son should go and have his covid 19 injections in hospital under medical supervision, so when he reacted there was a crash cart at his side, even then a reaction would not guarantee an exemption would be provided. The same week the public GP did a complete flip and placed in writing that although our son has a long medical history, historical vaccine injuries, heart issues, a family history of thrombosis and vascular clotting that because our son is immune compromised the he professionally, strongly recommended that our son must have the injection so our son would be protecting his community.

Ironic isn’t it ?…. that this job opportunity was created and funded so a disadvantaged person on a benefit, who was not in the community or workforce could enter the community and workforce, but then in the name of health and safety the same person was removed from the community and workforce, due to being mandated out of a MOE position. So our son is back on benefits, home most of the time, simply because he wants to stay alive and not be put back in a wheelchair.

If this was about health then our son would be a priority for a medical exemption, instead he has to risk potential death or be returned to a vegetable so he can access basic god given human rights, such as earn a little wage and remain off a disability benefit.

I would also like to highlight that families with lost or vaccine injured loved ones are EX-VAXXERS .

If we were ANTI-VAX then our loved ones would of avoided death and chronic lifelong injuries.

If society is easily able to accept that collateral damage is necessary for the greater good, then the very same society must start taking full responsibility for individuals members of our communities who sacrificed their life or health on behalf of the great good.

Kind Regards

A law abiding, tax paying, kind, caring, New Zealand Family.