True Story by John

John, New Zealand

Denied a Medical Exemption

I have been told I am highly allergic to an ingredient in vaccines, got extremely sick after the flu vaccine, have a family history of strokes and am a 7 day evangelist, where we do not believe in altering our blood as it is sacred. Despite all of this I was declined a medical exemption from the vaccine. My Doctor told me I should get the jab so that we have more ‘research’. I used to interact with all the students at my school which I loved, and often helped their families with computer work/repairs, but now I am not allowed to see them. Let alone help them.

My name is John, and this is my true story.

I am on a supported living benefit as I have MS and am very limited in terms of work. I work part time as the Network Administrator/ICT technician for the **** School.  I used to LOVE this work, as it is one of the only interactions I have with other people. I particularly loved interacting with the kids, but also staff.

I am lucky to have retained my job, as I am very good at what I do and am available whenever I am needed. So the principal found a loophole for me to continue work after the mandates! As I went to the doctor to apply for an exemption from the jab, but they would not give it. When I went to see him I told him…

a) I was warned by the doctors, after a blood test to travel to Australia, back in 1990/1991 that I was HIGHLY allergic to “something”, however NO one has been able to tell me what.

b) I have both MS and EDS.
c) I have had a reaction to the one and ONLY flu shot I ever had, it made me the sickest I have been
d) Strokes and Heart Attacks are KNOWN side effects of the jab and both run strongly in my family.
e) I am a Seventh Day Adventist and the Bible says that blood is Sacred. This Jab affects and changes the blood.
And all he said to me was, although EACH ONE of these presents a risk to getting the Jab, “I will not write you that letter.” Instead I would encourage you to receive it, so we have more research.
I used to interact with all the students and often helped their families with computer work/repairs, but now I am not allowed to see them. Let alone help them. I also used to help the staff, which again I can only work after hours when I cannot interact with them and cannot help them outside of school as I am un-jabbed.
I fear I will lose even this job soon, as my contract is up soon and I will not be getting this experimental jab. And under these “mandates” that are against the Geneva convention:
International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights
Article 7 of the 1966 International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights provides: “No one shall be subjected without his free consent to medical or scientific experimentation.”
and even the human rights act:
Section 10(2) of the Human Rights Act 2004 says that: No-one may be subjected to medical or scientific experimentation or treatment without his or her free consent. Note: The prohibition on torture and cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment under international law applies at all times and under all circumstances.
However, I have written to human rights, along with the statements from my doctors visit, re exemption, and they sent a standard reply saying the government could do whatever it wanted under a “pandemic”. They have no teeth to do anything. Even after their statement in the attachment.

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