True Story by Kerry


Mandated Out of Job

Unable to work as a teacher due to covid vax mandate, and denied a medical exemption. I am recovering from breast cancer and have previously suffered from Bells Palsy. I am now mandated out of work and struggling financially.

My name is Kerry, and this is my true story.

I have been an ECE teacher for 20 years. I love my job and intended staying in this job till I retired, in 2 more years. I am 63 and recovering from breast cancer. I repeatedly asked for information about the experimental vaccine and the medication that Im on and was only told it was fine to take with this vax. I asked where i could find this information and was told to look for it. I have also had bells palsy so was worried about that as well. I received a medical exemption but two days later the rules changed to only go through the MOH. I was deverstated but I could not bring myself to have the vax. I live on my own with still a large mortgage. I only received enough money to pay my mortgage and rates.My adult children help me out but I cant expect them to keep doing this. I cant even afford to drive my car. I am willing and able to work and desperately want my job back. I have seen the devastation and heart breaking effects this vax is having on hard working people that just want to be apart of society again.

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