True Story by Kimberley Coleman


Denied a Medical Exemption

Advised by specialist NOT to get the Pfizer jab due to potential severe allergic reaction, yet denied a medical exemption from the Ministry of Health. Due to being denied a medical exemption I was mandated out of my own business, and suffered an 80% loss in regular income.

My name is Kimberley, and this is my true story.

My name is Kimberley Coleman and I am a mother, wife and business owner.

When I was 15 I was diagnosed with severe Crohns diseases which lead me to leave New Zealand in search of a treatment that could save my life and stop my suffering.  In Sydney I found a Gastroenterologist offering a new advanced medical treatments alongside more traditional treatments.  During the 3 years I was treated in Sydney, I suffered from 3 anaphylaxis events, the last being very serious.  The common ingredient in the medication that caused the anaphylaxis was Polyethylene Glycol, an ingredient also found in the Pfizer vaccine.   Despite theses significant events I was fortunately completely and permantly relieved of Crohns diseases after fighting for my life many times.

When talks of the vaccine started, my specialist in Sydney got in touch with me and told me there was no way I could have the Pfizer vaccine, that it would be potentially lethal due to the ingredients I was allergic to.  I got this  information in writing, along with the exact dates of the previous anaphylaxis events.  After my GP refused to help me apply for an exemption and told me her hands were tied, I asked her if she would explain to my children after I died from the vaccine, that she allowed the government to force me into taking a drug I couldn’t have.   She then caved and signed the paper work, and I sent it off to the Ministry of Health.

I received a letter back from Ashley Bloomfield 10 days later stating he was not satisfied that I met the criteria for a vaccine exemption. Even though I had one of the only listed reasons on the Ministry of health website that I should not have the vaccine.

Since not being able to get an exemption, I have been unable to fully work in my business.  I have had a decrease in income by 80% and my staff have been left to run the business during this very challenging time.  I am unable to take my children to their sporting events, go to my yoga classes, eat out, attend funerals, or enter a library.  I have been unable to stay at  some holiday parks or rent AirBnbs.  I was unable to buy sushi in a mall today.

My health means more to me than anything mentioned in the above paragraph, and because I fought so hard to stay alive when I was younger, I would never go against my specialists advice. He saved my life multiple times and he knows my body better than Ashley Bloomfield ever will.

Thank you for taking the time to read my story.

Kimberley Coleman


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