True Story by Lance

Lance, 25, Whataroa

Astrazeneca x 2

Three weeks off work with heart pain. I took the vaccine as my employer told me if I didn’t that I would be kicked out of where we lived and without a job. I also wanted to be able to attend our local church which also mandated the jab. Both my partner and I ended up with chest pains, and we had multiple visits to the doctor. If this jab is able to damage both our hearts, and we are young, fit, farmers then what will it do to the young kids?

My name is Lance, and this is my true story.

Hi Lynda, I saw on Facebook you were asking for people to come forward I was working on a dairy farm down here in Whataroa.

I was told that both myself and my partner and kids all eligible must be vaccinated or we were to leave the houses and job within days. I told them I didn’t want to get it as my family some have had heart issues so the risks to heart concerned me, but due to the threats of job loss I eventually had it done with the alternative Astrazeneca. I ended up unable to work for 3 weeks, my heart would start pounding pain and was very weak. Small things that were easy I was out of breath and heart jumping out of my chest.

Upon this I tried even harder to get an exemption. I had tried before it because of the higher risk but they said it’s not mandated and they cannot write an exemption for my work so had the first as above, and even after having all that time unpaid and financially ruining me I still had to have another jab and lost my job anyway. I am told our employer got paid to make us get it $400 pp.

I feel cheated and let down by doctors and nurses no help or care about the side effects. I went to the hospital multiple times trying to get help thankfully after 3 weeks I improved. Then my wife she had no issues with the first jab (pfizer), but the second she had her heart pushing out of her chest and rapid like I did, and a really bad head ache, and weak.

Again. I couldn’t get anyone to help her either so we both suffered. I lost money to all the medical visits and no work while recovering from it.

I have zero faith or trust in the medical staff now and the only reason I got the second jab was because they banned us all from all places of worship. So what could I do? I want to be able to pray and practice my faith. I don’t care about restaurants or hair cuts cutting off access to all places of worship is the most evil thing anyone can do.

I risked my life for people greedy for payouts by the government, for the more they can get jabbed my wife and myself suffer for their gain. There is no consent when your choice is loose your house you live in, your job, your access to places of worship.

I hope they end the mandates and leave kids alone. I am 25, if I am having heart issues and my wife no pervious issues as well what will happen to them? 

Anyway, hope this helps.

Regards, Lance Thomas.

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