True Story by Lisa

Lisa, Va***ne Associated Tachycardia, Mandated

My name is Lisa, and this is my true story

(note this was written while va***ne passports were still in operation)

For me the roadblock to exemption is occurring at the GP rather than Ministry Of Health. My experience to date is my GP concluded I did not meet the criteria before I got the jab. The GP I saw after getting va***ne injured said people worse off than me were getting declined so did not even try.My blocks were at the GP. My regular GP is pro V and told me I needed to get va***nated because long covid is worse if I didn’t get it …. Despite me already having a form of long-covid from my one and only flu V. It’s nuts.I could not even apply for an exemption.I got va***nated to meet UCoL mandate requirements but developed and was diagnosed with “Va***ne Associated Tachycardia”. This left me unable to have the second V and too scared to try. My heart takes on a mind of its own and it is scary to feel like you might drop dead at any moment. I never wish to feel like that again. I have been unable to get my gp to apply for me – it took an entire visit for him to believe my Tachycardia was V related, he tried to tell me it was a coincidence despite my heart never having done this before, and this and chest pain occurring for 4 days within 24 hours of being va***nated. My Apple Watch data finally convinced him.I am in no-mans land unable to attend the very same classes my children are attending (they have their V passes and did not react like I did). I have to drop them off and then drive home to attend the very same classes remotely.from the Human Rights Commission..International human rights law principles setout when and how public health measures may limit rights.3 Such measures must be specifically aimed at preventing disease. They must also be provided for, and carried out in accordance with, the law and be strictly necessary in a democratic society to achieve their objective. They must be proportionate, reasonable, non-discriminatory, and subject to independent review. Theremust be no less intrusive and restrictive means available to reach the public health objectives. They must also be based on scientific evidence.4 Additionally, public health resources must be mobilised in the most equitable manner and should prioritise the needs of marginalised or vulnerable groups.5 These principles providea check on limitations imposed on human rights. They also provide guidance on assessing whether balances between competing rights are fair and reasonable.V mandates under the COVID-19 Protection Framework, or a COVID-19 Order need to comply with national and international human rights. They need to be designed carefully to avoid unjustified limitations on human rights, especially where there has been inequitable access to the va***ne between different groups. Mandates must be necessary to achieve a pressing social aim (which can include protecting rights to life, healthcare and health protection), go no further than necessary to achieve that aim, and be proportionate.If a measure involving less interference with people’s rights could achieve the aim, it ought to be used. An essential element of proportionality is that the interference is timebound, lasting no longer than strictly necessary.I believe this last one directly applies to my caseExemptions must be readily available to all those that are unable to be va***nated as a result of a disability or medical condition. The conditions upon which exemptions rely are clearly articulated, fully accessible, including an appeal or review process.The system to obtain exemptions and any associated documentation must be accessible, equitable and efficient.g. V status must not lead to a denial of access to any essential service. This includes access to essential goods and services, as well as access to government services.As UCoL is a Government Service this applies to them. I paid the same fees as my children, am denied access to ucol resources such as printing and specialist software and feel like I am a third rate citizen, in the words of the head of school “By studying remotely you will not be getting the same dollar value from your course as attending students”, however I paid the same feesThanksLisa