True Story by Lucelle

Lucelle, 60, Bloodclots & Heart Attack

My name is Lucelle, and this is my true story

February 14th 2022 I had 1 vaccination. 4 weeks later I got really bad rectal bleeding, the a&e doctor sent me to hospital, there was a lot of bleeding. The hospital talked about hemoroids. And that I would need a colonoscopy.

Then about 4 weeks later I got a sore lower arm and then couple days later a sore upper leg , both on my left side . I put up with it a bit , but got really sore so I went to the a&e , they said I’d need an ultrasound, 2 days later I had an ultrasound and they discovered 2 10cm blood clots ( not deep vein) superficial, so I was put on blood thinners , after 3 months I came of blood thinners and the colonoscopy was performed, no mention of hemoroids, just a couple of fissures removed .

December 19th I had a heart attack, but did not ring the ambulance until 24 hours later cause I didn’t believe it was a heart attack. 3 stents later and a what a suspect I’m in for a long recovery. I am a young 60 year old , was riding motorbikes etc.Thank you for reading this.

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