True Story by “Lucky”


Mandated Out of Job

Fit to work, but unable to work due to covid jab mandate even though the health care system is in crisis. I am a triple graduate, awarded gold medals and other prizes in recognition for my outstanding work during my study.  I worked during multiple lockdowns and abandoned my home travelling all over NZ to work as a locum. Due to a bad autoimmune reaction to a previous flu jab, I applied for a medical exemption. I was denied. In November 2021 I was mandated out of work and am not able to see patients because I refused to have the inoculation.

My name is “lUCKY”, and this is my true story

I have been working since covid reached NZ shores. I worked during lockdowns and abandoned my home travelling all over NZ as a locum. I stayed away from home for 6 to 8 months in one stint, only making a day trip to home to check my place and check up on my car. Fly in in the morning and fly out by late afternoon. I had to re organise my own medical appointments because I was needed at work desperately.


During one of the stints I broke my leg due to travelling so much. I did not pay much attention to it despite in excruciating pain. For 6 weeks I walked and worked on that leg looking after patients. In Jan 2021 when I was home for a bit, a doctor at the hospital noticed I was limping severely and did an investigation and we realised I had broken a bone. I had a short rest but the fracture had already started healing due to my good immune system so all I needed was rest.

I carried on working due to being needed at work and worked till Nov 6th 2021. I flew back from Horowhenua on 7th Nov. My employers knew my situation and were sure I would qualify for an exemption because I was transparent with them the minute I heard about mandates. I used to get flu jabs but on both occasions when I got them I got very sick 2 to 3 months post jab. It was never an immediate reaction but my mum and I noticed I get so sick the year i get jabbed, to the extent I would need an ambulance to take me to ED, or I would be going to A&E. On both occasions I required IV antibiotics, steroids, nebuliser and within few hours I would be all back to normal like sickness never hit me.

For me the flu jabs did not work but I know lots of people who are fine after having them and that is a perfect reflection of “one size does not fit all” as we learnt in medicine. I was diagnosed with an autoimmune condition in 2018 (the yr I last had my flu jab) which involved my spine. The GP was negligent not to refer me for months and the condition spread like wild fire. I changed my GP and threatened I would be knocking on HDC doors if I didn’t get referred that day. The New GP did the a referral and a dermatologist saw me who put me on a 3 months course of a medicine that worked like a miracle. The specialist saw me a few times and I did another part course of the treatment and have been in remission since then. We later found out the cause could have been the flu jab that precipitated the autoimmune condition.
Till Nov 6th I covered the shifts of people who were getting sick frequently who were inoculated. Every week someone would be unwell but I was all good. I am still good to work but I am deemed unsafe to work with and unsafe to see patients as per the Govt public health policy. I still see so many ads being posted for locums, I get texts and phone calls asking if I can help when someone is down with covid.
This morning I found out my gynaecologist has blocked me and won’t write me a back up prescription that I requested 3 weeks ago. After my initial consult earlier this year she told me when i need repeat prescriptions that all I have to do is send her a message or email her and she will get it done. Clearly they were just words to give a patient a wild goose chase which I never did with my patients or to my employers I worked for. My employers are still in touch with me and miss me. I still remember one of my bosses said “you were sent by god but taken by ****” because I was reliable, kept my promise, and kept the highest standards with work and patient care. My boss did the special exemption as my leaving would cause significant work disruptions with staff shortage but that was rejected. One of my other bosses met with me and told me the immunisation centre prefers me to be jabbed in the hospital under supervision BECAUSE I STILL NEED TO HAVE IT despite my medical history. Prior to that I had also written to Ashley Bloomfield and Chris Hipkins a number of times but those emails remain unanswered and I assume will remain unanswered.
So despite being well, I stay home when I should be helping in healthcare which is facing massive staff shortages.

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