True Story by Melissa Murphy

Melissa, 57, Auckland

Pfizer x 1

Myocarditis, and worsening of stroke symptoms.  The vaccine triggered my stroke symptoms and made it worse! Every day passed; I was getting worse. Inflammation started at my kidney, liver and then it went to my heart in December 2021 where I was admitted for 2 weeks. It has now been 10 months, and although I am doing better, I still have high inflammation in my body. I have been declined a medical exemption and by ACC,

My name is Melissa, and this is my true story.

19 months before I had the vaccine I had a severe stroke. I was in hospital with 2 months intensive rehabilitation and further 5 months home rehabilitation. My faith and trust in God have been my rock and strength. I was already walking unaided up to 800m by the end of Sept 2021 and still improving day by day.
29 October 2021
Then I had the 1st vax of Pfizer, had a severe adverse reaction to the vax,
Adverse reaction symptoms:
A few days after the vax, I started to feel terrible with the adverse reaction, which also triggered my stroke symptoms and made it worse! Every day passed; I was getting worse. Inflammation started at my kidney, liver and then it went to my heart in December 2021 where I was admitted for 2 weeks.
Initially all hospital ED doctors agreed it’s myocarditis but towards the middle of 1st week they changed their minds and said it was Stress!  Now I have constant pressured sore head, dizzy spell, brain fog, heaviness when walking, breathless, blurry eyes, chest tightness, chronic fatigue (I get fatigued very quickly), floppy body and back to my walker and crutch when I was already improving and walking unaided 800m, cooking dinner for my family before the vax. Now I can’t even cook a simple breakfast for myself!! My left hand (stroke side) started to shake a lot too. I have to keep  taking time to rest and lying down after only a maximum of 1 hour of sitting or 15 min of standing position.
I have collapsed 4 times at home with all the symptoms and more, including losing my speech for several hours, floppy body chest tightness and high BP. My husband called the ambulance every time. Three times I was admitted to hospital. I have spent thousands of dollars with NZDSOS and bought all the herbal remedies and supplements. NZDSOS has been amazing but I have seen a little bit of progress but not much. With many prayers, I started a Neurological Integration System (NIS) and saw some progress.
21 Nov 2021
GP lodged an adverse reaction to the vax with CARM and also ACC for compensation for all the expenses incurred with NSDSOS and NIS.
23 Nov 2021
Diagnosed with primary open angle glaucoma both eyes; by Ophthalmology assessment at Greenlane Eye Clinic.
25 March 2022
ACC declined my claim.
31 March 2022
Legal aid lawyer helping to battle ACC with claim, had first review on 27 June 2022 with final review on 13 September 2022.
At Present, August 2022
It’s been nearly 10 months since the vax but blood tests on 2 August 2022 still showed high inflammation in my body and I am still experiencing some of the symptoms especially blurry eyes, sore pressure head, heaviness when walking and feeling fatigue all the time. I have to pace myself with everything as I still get fatigued very quickly and am still using a crutch to walk up to 600m and a walker up to 1km.
It’s a slow progress, I am still doing lots of rehabilitation. I am very determined to get my life back with God’s help. It’s been a very long and tough journey but God is Faithful! I just released my 1st video on my you tube channel, Melissa’s Home Cooking after 19 months, sharing my life journey
from the presentation that I was invited to do in June 2022.
I hope this video of My Life Journey, sharing my life stories, going through many health challenges, and time and time again I have seen the faithfulness of God. I hope it encourages and inspires you no matter what you are going through now, God has got YOU!
You are welcome to share my video link and invite your family and friends to the sharing.

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