True Story by Melissa

Melissa, Christchurch, Denied an Exemption

My name is Melissa, and this is my true story

My lived experience with V injury regards Gardasil V, which i received back in 2012. After the 1st dose I got a really sore stomach dizziness and bad headaches and pain in different parts of my body all I wanted to do was sleep so I rang health line and asked one of there nurses about the side effects She said “your body is buliding up an immunity to the V”. I thought to my self should I get the next one… only to be told by somebody the second and third V is needed. So another month went by and I got the other one which was the second V. This time I was feeling suicidal and the pain in my body had worsened.

Then after the third shot I had pain in my left and right shoulder where the V needles had been inserted. One nurse had pushed too far into the bone and I felt like I was going to faint so I went back to the doctor and the doctor said you have had a severe allergic reaction to all of the Vs.A year later I started bleeding for months on end I couldn’t stop bleeding I was shaking every day and couldn’t get out of bed so back to the doctor I go and given tranexamic acid to stop the heavy bleeding then a blood test, then I find out the V stuffed up my thyroid .Then years later my sore shoulder comes back and i’m told it’s “trauma arm” and doctors can do nothing to help me get my shoulder better .Then I went to see a wholistic healer and she told me my immune system has been effected by the V so I had crystal bowl sound therapy. My shoulder pain isn’t so bad but still comes and goes sometimes .Ever since the mandates my doctor refused me to get an exemption because I didn’t meet the criteria for one.It has cost me my friends, some of my family who won’t even speak to me because I’m not Vd, and don’t believe Vs have caused any illness.We need more help and care and more awareness of V injury in this country and the right to choose what we want for healthcare with out being forced into it .Thank you for letting me share my storyMelissa from Christchurch 

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