True Story by ‘mum’

24 year old son, pericarditis

My name is ‘mum’, and this is our true story

I wish to let you know about our progress with my 24 year old son with his adverse reaction after his first dose of Pf***r on 14/11/21.

A few weeks after his last appointment with the ‘fill in’ GP, he received a phone call from his GP’s clinic, here in in New Plymouth. It was either a nurse or receptionist asking him if he would still like to proceed further with seeing a cardiologist (which he’d already asked to have). He’d actually been waiting for an appointment, it just seemed strange that it was still our choice whether to do it or not, rather than actually based on concerns about symptoms etc.Our son was still experiencing chest pains, but he’s not the kind of person to make a big deal about anything, so for him to even say that he wanted to still see the cardiologist spoke volumes to us as his parents.However, this time, the person on the phone was extremely helpful, booking in his appointment by the end of the month (March 2022). She said that when he comes into the clinic he would be asked to wait in the car, but she would keep an eye out for him, then lead him straight to the cardiology waiting room. So, the phone call felt like they were actually offering ‘care’ for the first time.On the day of the appointment, our son went to the reception but the girl from the phone call wasn’t there. He was asked to go out to his car again, where he waited for about 10 minutes before they phoned him and he was allowed to wait (roughly another 40 mins) in the cardiology area waiting room. So this was progress!I didn’t go with my son to this appointment this time but when he got home he was absolutely buzzing and said that his appointment was amazing! So he saw **** and to be honest, we didn’t really have high hopes that he would be listened to based on his previous responses from the two GP doctors. But Dr **** said he was going to be honest with him and diagnosed him with Pericarditis CAUSED BY THE V**CINE!He examined all his previous ECG’s and his echocardiogram and assured him that, as there was no scarring present on the heart muscle, that this was mild inflammation of the sac surrounding the heart and that it should cause no future issues with his heart and that it would go away on it’s own.He reiterated and assured him about 6 times that he was going to be OK. He went on to say that NO ONE under the age of 30 should be getting this m*R*NA V and that if he was our son’s father, he would not allow for a second dose, only to take a V with alternative technology. (We know of course that NO ONE of any age should be taking this experimental medication).He also said that he would give our son a letter advising of this diagnosis and to explicitly state that no future decisions are to be attributed to his heart by way of future travel insurance or surgical costs being either excluded or more expensive.He has also prescribed him with a one month course of Colchicine just to help with the pains and that these should be gone after this time. We had hoped for a heart MRI but his previous tests showing no scarring, has eased our minds on this front. We are just so glad our son persisted with seeing this cardiologist as there was a point where he was just going to shrug it off and live with it.For peace of mind, we are reasonably happy with this outcome and extremely surprised that a cardiologist actually gave a firm diagnosis, stating that it was a va***ne adverse reaction. Just this validation alone, is an important step forward. We really feel that our son is one of the lucky ones, as it could have been far worse. I did hesitate about providing the name of this cardiologist as we don’t want any repercussions coming back on him, as we need him to continue to diagnose other affected people. But also for the future, these doctors who actually speak the truth need to be separated from the others who are following the ‘single source of truth’ narrative.