True Story by Nancy


My name is Nancy, and this is my true story

I’m registering my complaint about the terrible side effects I endured after receiving the second Pf**er v***ine

The change in my body felt gradual to start with but by the middle of the second week following, the V was effecting me on every level.

The whites of my eyes had gone a very yellow colour even though I was drinking 2-3 litres of filtered water & eating fresh fruit & seasonal salads & no processed food.

I was extremely tired.

My body became heavy as if it was weighted down.

My limbs ached through my entire body.

My head throbbed constantly.

My mind was foggy.

It became difficult to walk as I hadn’t my usual gait & grace to my movement so my strides were shortened & stilted.

I was clumsy, not sure footed & my eyes were glazed & vision was drastically impacted.

By the end of the 3rd week my weakened body could only lie down.
It was extremely difficult to get up to use the bathroom. I was too weak to shower myself or get out to drive anywhere.

Everything was closed as it was Christmas.
I couldn’t drive the 24 km round trip to have blood tested which opened at small intervals towards the end of these statuary holidays.

On top of all of this my brain was confused throughout so reading, thinking or attempting to watch a movie was completely scrambled as well as being out of focus.

I felt poisoned & full of toxins but this took weeks to improve slightly as I needed to force myself back to work. I took additional time off work to lie like a vegetable & I was unable to do any of the personal things I had planned to do including attending social & Christmas functions.

It was hell.

It took five months for me to feel as though my old self was back.

I finally have my movement & rhythm back.

My cognitive abilities are back as is my self confidence & I’m able to plan ahead, organise & put structure back into my life.

I will never have another va***ne.

I’m currently being pestered by the governments employees to remind me that my booster shot is now due.

I’m fearful that I will be given another ultimatum by my employers to have this booster shot so I’m currently looking for other options.

I’m not fearful of the virus.

I’m fearful of undoing my health with having a po*i*son injected into me.