True Story by Sara

Sara, 39, New Zealand

Pfizer x 2

Chronic fatigue, burning feelings from the inside, excruciating pain in my head and all over my body. I often have blue lips and fingernails! Once a healthy mum of 2 beautiful children, I am now in constant pain and struggle to do basic daily tasks. My kids are missing out as mum is always in pain. The financial cost of seeing doctors and consultants has been huge. What is going on with my body? I want the old me back.

My name is Sara, and this is my true story.

My story I have been very hesitant to share but this is my truth now!!! The before me has disappeared for a while but she will be back!!!

Hi, my name is Sara, I am a 39-year-old mother of two beautiful children. My story began after I received the second jab in October 2021.
It all began with extremely bad upper abdomen pain, this led to countless doctor and hospital a&e visits, so many tests that resulted in no clear answers to what was really going on!!!
The chronic fatigue the burning feeling from the inside, excruciating pain in my head and all over my body. I often have blue lips and fingernails!  What is happening to my body?
My resting heart rate is consistently between 110 / 120, my heart sometimes feels like it’s beating out of my chest. My neck is always swollen, clinically my lymph nodes are enlarged, this causes me to be in severe pain. “I can never get comfortable!!”
I have not been able to work and my daily existence has been reduced to bed. I have my two children that are missing out on their once healthy mother.
If I do anything I feel weak, I struggle to walk to the letterbox.”I want the old Sara back”.
I have help showering as I’m in constant fear of passing out and lack any form of basic energy. I struggle with the simplest tasks and always pay the price for over doing it. My blood work has recently come back indicating I have a possible autoimmune disorder and I am now waiting to see a rheumatologist.
The problem with this is with the state of the public and private health system I could be waiting six months or more. What damages are being done to my body in that time? “My body feels like it’s burning from the inside.”
Every aspect of my life has been dramatically affected. If that isn’t bad enough the financial cost from doctors, medicines, and procedures.
The burden weighs heavy on my mind. How much more will it cost my family? “My anxiety grows deeper by the day”.
I honestly just want to be working and to provide for my children. Instead, I lay here in bed trying to make sense of my own thoughts and all I can do is hope. Hope that I will be taken seriously! Is anyone listening?
The second jab changed my life and I feel like my body has been poisoned, my body is fighting itself and I’m struggling to stay in the battle.
I hope every day I wake up and I’m well again. I continue to fight and I will not give up!!!
I know I am not alone; I spend my nights reading countless similar stories, Myself and others simply want to be acknowledged.
I want my life back!!!
I just want to thank my amazing family and friends I couldn’t get through this without you🥰🥰🥰

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