True Story by Teri

Teri, 55, New Zealand

Pfizer x 1

Chest tightness, chest pain and excessive bruising. I am a 55 year old mum and allied health professional. Due to experiencing adverse reactions from the first jab, I declined the second one. This lead to me being mandated out of my new business, and I eventually had to close it down. 

My name is Teri, and this is my true story.

I am a 55 year old mother, wife, business owner and Allied Health Professional of 22 years.

I did not want the jab because I had just recovered from breast cancer, needing a mastectomy 2018 and reconstruction 2019. My health was excellent throughout all this and I suffered no pain or sickness.

Come the mandates I reluctantly took the jab on 15 November 2021. The first thing I noted was I bruised easily and it was deep purple bruising even from the slightest knock. I also experienced chest tightness like never before as if someone was sitting on it. This went on ever day all day for over a month then waned gradually. I would get sudden sharp pains in my heart or rapid heart palpitations. It felt scary and at times thought I was going to have a heart attack.

My GP didn’t seem too concerned even after informing her I have had previous anaphylactic attacks in past history and take antihistamines if I get any trigger signs (rash, tingling, itchy). She said take the second jab, but I couldn’t do it because my health is too important and my family need me. I couldn’t risk that. I tried to sell the business but because it’s so specialised it wasn’t a quick flick. Eventually I had to close my business as the mandate for the second jab was 1st January 2022. This was a fairly new business of just 3 years and extremely busy one.

It was heartbreaking. Ja**nda took my hard earned career away, she took my livelihood, my dignity, my rights to freedom of choice, right to earn a living and be part of society.

I feel victimised by this government and supporters of the mandates. I pay taxes too. This is all over a bad flu that is 99.9% recoverable from.

Ps I have had all standard v***ines required of me.

 Teri Mitchell