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In early 2021 Lynda established an online social media community on Facebook, called The Health Forum NZ. Her intention was to create a platform where the emerging science (including all the gaps) relating to both the safety and efficacy of Covid 19 injections could be intelligently discussed in an online forum.

Over a period of approximately 10 months membership grew to almost 60,000 predominantly New Zealanders.

Then without warning Facebook removed the group.

Along with its removal, went the safe and caring community offering refuge and understanding to Covid vaccine impacted New Zealanders.

Many of our members were Covid vaccine injured….and the majority of them, also ACC declined. Others had been forced out of cherished careers by refusing to comply with vaccine mandates. Many were declined medical exemptions despite previous serious health issues, or serious adverse events following a first or second covid injection.

Not to be beaten by censorship, we continue to provide community through our free speech social media platforms.

Currently we have The Health Forum NZ group on the free speech platform MeWe and another Channel and group on the free speech platform Telegram

We are a Coalition Partner with the World Council For Health

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