1. Jab Injury Unmasked NZ

On X (Twitter) as #jabinjuryunmaskednz

A social media campaign to raise awareness of Covid vaccine injuries AND deaths in New Zealand.

This campaign is about YOU coming out of the dark and sharing your identity and your story boldly and without anonymity.

Having real, named people share their stories will add significant weight and authenticity to the reality of vaccine injury and death.

Finding your courage to share your true identity will embolden others to come out of the shadows and banish the social reticence to discuss vaccine injury.

2. The Campaign


The campaign will be run through social media platforms including:

X (previously called Twitter)




Primary focus will be international reach on X

Launched in December 2023 in response to heightened media and public discussion of covid vaccination deaths, following release of Whistle Blower data from the NZ Ministry of Health database.

The aim is to capitalise on the topical nature of covid vaccine harm resulting from the Whistle Blower release and give maximum exposure to TRUE personal stories of covid vaccine harm and/or death.

Your participation in this important campaign, will also provide pressure and impetus for our new NZ Government to convene the INDEPENDENT and broadened Covid Inquiry they have promised us – including covid vaccine harms.

3. Eligibility

Any New Zealander who SUSPECTS they have been covid vaccine injured or have lost a loved one following covid vaccination.

(even if the injury or death has not been confirmed by Ministry of Health or Doctor as having been CAUSED by the vaccine – as the vast majority of injuries and deaths are NOT being confirmed by the health system).

How to submit:

 The social media campaign will share stories in two forms:

  1. Short self filmed “speak to camera” video 
  1. A photographic Still Photograph of you holding a hand made sign containing bullet points of your story

4. How to Prepare your Video

*** CONSENT ***

IN SENDING YOUR VIDEO TO jabinjuryunmaskednz@proton.me

(Please do not hand hold your phone while you are filming).

*(self filmed) speak to camera video no longer than TWO MINUTES in length.

*pay attention to your lighting.  Position yourself facing a light source such as a window or a lamp, or outside in good lighting.

*Place your cell phone on a firm surface, propped against books (for example), so the camera is stable and there is no shaking in the film.

*Try to position the camera at approximately eye level so you are not looking up or down into the camera

*Ensure your phone is approximately 2 feet away from you, so that the sound quality is good.

*Speak slowly and clearly and loud enough to produce quality sound recording.

*once completed, download your short video and email it to:


5a. What to include in your Video


 “my name is ____ and I live in ____ (area of NZ).

 I am covid vaccine injured (or bereaved). This is my story

 I have had ___ (number) doses of ___ (Pfizer vaccine?) in ___  (date)

 (The three lines above MUST be in the video)


My name is Sarah Smith and I live in Tauranga.

I am covid vaccine injured.

This is my story.

I have taken 2 doses of the Pfizer Covid Vaccine, in March and April 2022.

I was fine after my first dose, but within 24 hours of my second injection I was in Tauranga hospital with severe chest pain.

I was eventually diagnosed with Myocarditis.

Over a year later I remain very unwell with frequent chest pain, exhaustion and weakness.

I am now on 6 different medications.  I’m too sick to work and I live on a sickness benefit.

ACC have declined my claim and I am currently going through my 3rd review.

I thought the NZ Government would look after me if I was injured.  They promised they would….but they haven’t.

 PS: remember you are not a movie star.  This does not have to be perfect.  You are vaccine injured.  Let people see if you are a mess.  Feel free to show your emotion (just no swearing or abusing anyone thanks)

6. How to send your Video

1. Take your Video on your phone (not hand held)

2. Find your video in photos.

3. If you can’t see a send/share icon tap the video

4. tap share icon

5. scroll along options until you see the google drive triangle

6. Tap google drive icon and follow instructions

To Share your google drive video:

1. Find video on google drive.

2. Right click on video/Share/Share

3. Change General access/restricted to “Anyone with link”

4. Copy link and send to :



5b. Still Photo with Sign

Unable to make a video?

instead please send us a PHOTOGRAPH of you (with your face clearly visible), holding a sign (facing the camera), with the details of your injury.

 Ensure your sign is large enough that your script can be clearly read. Write with dark thick felt pen in black.


My name is ___ and I am Covid vaccine injured

and i live in _____

 Then use bullet points

*number of doses

*month and year of doses

*key injuries

*are you still sick?

*are you able to work?

*are you ACC declined?

 Please share our campaign with others you know are vaccine injured or bereaved.

 Thank you for your courage, and for helping US to help YOU

Lynda and the team

The Health Forum NZ