Wonderful times linking up with the many wonderful freedom communities in the South Island.

Meetings were held in Greymouth, Westport, Alexandra, Queenstown, Te Anau, Invercargill, Oamaru  Thanks to all our old and new friends who organised and participated in these events.

Some say it is time to move on from the upheaval of the covid years. My take is that you can only say this by not knowing, or ignoring a mountain of damning data that shows there were unprecedented gaps in data and procedures around the Covid roll out.

Here are the basic themes of the meetings and source documents for the facts mentioned in the talks:

The Origins of the Health Forum.
Respected Medical Experts Speak Out

A series of OIA’s (Official Information Applications) revealing the hidden extent of adverse events temporaly related to the Covid Injection. (Recorded at Invercargill – May 2024).

We will post remaining videos and transcripts of the South Island Tour upon its completion at the end of May.