Lynda’s Videos – 2022

Interview 1 with Rodney Hide on “the Platform”

The very first time the NZ media gave a voice to the Vaccine Injured… With Lynda Wharton and Rodney Hide on The Platform

Interview 2 with Rodney Hide on “the Platform”

This time talking “censorship” and inviting New Zealanders to stop and consider why highly trained Medical Specialists and Doctors might throw away their career through refusing to take an injection….

Letter to Jacinda – Read Aloud

(please note the death of the 14 year old alluded to, was later discovered to be a false report).

01 Casey 24

01 Casey 24

Dear Esteemed Recipient, My name is Casey Hodgkinson, and I was once a vibrant, youthful woman, brimming with enthusiasm for life. I had finally secured the ideal job that harmonized exquisitely with my life's aspirations, and a sense of joy and contentment enveloped...

02 (A) 14 years old

02 (A) 14 years old

(A)(name withheld) , Dunedin, 14yrs old at time of vaccine injury 28/1/2022 Batch number for Pfizer dose #1 FM4289-D0012 18/2/2022 Batch number for Pfizer dose #2 FK9707-D0025 Our teenage daughter (A) was one of the unfortunate ones to suffer an adverse reaction to...

03 Nikki

03 Nikki

Vaccine Injury story of Nurse of 22 years Nikki (Age 45) I clearly remember as do my friends and work colleagues, my hesitancy to conform and take the COVID 19 vaccine. I knew not too! However I wanted to keep my nursing employment, of 22 years and as mandated, my...

04 Rachael

04 Rachael

Story of Rachel 53 years old Government Agency WorkerPfizer # 1: FE8163Pfizer # 2: FF2382Pfizer # 3: FN4207 (Booster) I’m 53 and a mother of 3 adult daughters and 2 grandkids. I’ve been working full time in a government agency for the last 5 years. My girls had left...

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